Welcome to Puggle Farm. “Puggle” is a baby echidna and our first visitor many years ago was an echidna. My husband, Richard , me and our 3 Maltese Shih Tzu’s named Oliver, Millie and Muzzy live here. We have 2 adult children, Matthew and Malinda(Mindy) and 9 grandchildren.

Richard and I have built our new home, work in progress. We have 8 dorper sheep at present, this changes each year depending on lambs and freezer capacity.

Puggle Farm is located in Amphitheatre, Victoria, Australia. I love decorating, gardening, cooking and always have a project going or 10 in my mind…..my husband tries to keep up with me but I am often in trouble for having too many projects. My brain works faster than my hands.

When not at home working on our “project” Puggle Farm I am at work in a local winery or trying to find time to catch up with family and create new memories to share with them.

Please join me in a coffee, enjoy our antics and hopefully find a recipe or two to enjoy.


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