Where to begin

I am new to blogging but have decided if I don’t start and attempt to blog I never will. This last week at Puggle Farm has been interesting to say the least. Thursday of last week I had to attend a conference in Melbourne…this is normally a non event but I became ill with an earache and had to leave early and travel home…a 3 hour car trip to Amphitheatre. Made it half way home and stopped at chemist for ear drops…all ok so far BUT THEN the story begins. I have just started wearing hearing aids in both ears…love my RESOUND but due to my earache I took them out and put them in a sandwich bag…they will be safe in there, I am so weary of losing them as they are so small.

Finally I get home put my handbag in my bedroom and relax. ….Hubby Richard is home from work so we decide to have a glass of wine on the front verandah and relax.

Now here is where the fun begins, I go inside to get dinner ready and notice a sandwich bag on the lounge room floor…I went pale no I think it was closer to grey…..this is the sandwich bag that had my hearing aids in it…where are they????? I go into the bedroom and see one of the two on the floor, the second hearing aid is being enjoyed as a chew toy by our male Maltese Shih Tzu “Oliver”……I don’t know whether I was more sick about the chewing of the hearing aid and cost of $2000.00 to replace or the fact Richard advises that he can’t find the battery and “Oliver” may have swallowed it……now I can see Vet bills and a replacement hearing aid!!!!!

We search all around bedroom for the battery but can’t find, I then realised that the end where the battery goes seems to be shut……hallelulah the battery is still in the hearing aid,,,,back to $2000 to replace hearing aid…..NIL cost at Vet.

By chance as I only had these hearing aids for 2 weeks I was going back to have them checked on the Friday morning. So this is where I get to explain “the dog chewed my hearing aid” story and accept that I am up for a replacement. I explained to the audiologist what had happened and I am still smiling about her response…..”You have paid for a maintenance program, haven’t you?” Yes I reply but I don’t think dog chewing would be covered under the agreement?

Anyway at the end of the appointment I had paid for replacement, audiologist advised that it could have been worse as it was so close to original purchase I would get them for $2000 not $2500…gee I feel lucky!!!!!

Who me! I wouldn't chew your stuff.

Who me! I wouldn’t chew your stuff.